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Annuities can be complex instruments for retirement, offered by insurance companies. they can be fixed income or income tied to a index fund, but not in the market. Most annuities have a income cap of 3-7 per cent per year. Available are riders that can be 3-6 per cent a year in cost. Riders provide guaranteed income for you or income for you and a pay out to your heirs you will not get the maximum of both. pay out to heirs run out in 10-11 years after annuity pay out start date.


TAMS offers a option that lets you take full advantage of the markets and preserves your assets to your heirs will you receive a retirement benefit totally invested in the market.

 Minimum investment $10000. Our clients never see a statement all funds are payed back to lending institutions via (ACH) Automatic Clearing House from brokerage account.

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