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Tangible Asset Management Solutions

TAMS is a wealth management corporation that turns tangible assets into a true investment.

Make your first $1000 commission free.

"Don't Sit On Your Assets"

Let Your Assets Work for You


TAMS can monetize a tangible asset (EX.) cars, trucks, antique & classic cars, street rod, muscle cars, RVS, boats, yachts, aircraft, equipment. TAMS turns your asset into a true investment in the markets thru our chosen select financial institutions.


TAMS has a alternative to a Annuity that takes full advantage of the markets, not paying 3-5 per cent a year like most Annuities do. TAMS option offers market performance while preserving your asset to your heirs, plus you receive a retirement benefit.

Real Estate


TAMS has a alternative to a reverse mortgage that does not decrease your asset to your heirs but increases its value thru market investment plus you receive a retirement benefit.

TAMS offers a way to turn your collectable passion into a true investment. Your passion maybe coins, sports cards, guns, dolls, trains, signs, furniture. We monetize your asset and invest in the markets for your benefit.


Tangible Asset management solutions is a wealth management corporation that uses a chosen select financial institutions to monetize our clients' assets then invest their assets thru our chosen investment provider Morgan Stanley. We provide a unique investment experience like no other company, taking a tangible asset and making it a true investment. (We can turn your assets into revenue streams) All market investments involve risks markets have peaks and valleys. The market can be very profitable over a period of time but can fall at any given time, be advised you can lose some or all of your investment.

After making it a true investment. Our clients never see a payment statement. all funds are paid back to lending institutions via (ACH) Automatic Clearing House. Morgan Stanley provides monthly statements and online account access to monitor your Daily account activity and transactions.


What We Can Do For You

TAMS provides a unique Investment strategy avenue that turns your Tangible asset into a true investment that starts making money for you. our profits are performance driven when you profit we profit. Make your first $1000 commission free. " Don't sit on your assets".

We Can Turn Your Assets into Revenue Streams

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Our Profits Are Performance Driven
When You Profit We Profit

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